Just can’t forget that taste….!

My husband does not have a sweet tooth, but he definitely remembers the light and fluffy taste of his auntie’s pumpkin cream pie. I had always baked my pie, but not his pie, he said, so on my first trial, I mixed the pumpkin puree with cool whip and let it chill for a few hours in a baked pie shell – he liked it but that wasn’t IT. Then, I did some serious research… on-line, and this time I added some instant vanilla pudding mix (see the recipe below). This is very quick and soooo easy – just need 3 hours or so to chill – yes, you on a couch and your pie in the fridge. Well, my husband approved it, so I’m sure this will be our all-time favorite holiday dessert.


· 2 cups cold milk
· 2 (3.5 ounce) packages instant vanilla pudding mix
· 1 cup canned LIBBY’S® 100% Pure Pumpkin
· 1 cup thawed Cool Whip
· 1 (9 inch deep) pie crust, baked OR graham cracker pie crust

1. Mix cool whip, milk, pudding mix, and pumpkin in a deep bowl.
2. Beat at lowest speed of an electric mixer for about 1 minute.
3. Pour filling into cooled pie shell or graham cracker pie crust.
4. Chill until set, about 3 hours.


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