2006 Food Adventures

Jesse Wong’s Kitchen · Hunt Valley MD (01/10/2006)
A cozy atmosphere! A ‘bento’ box for $8.95 with your choice of main dish
(crispy-orange grouper fillet, BBQ pork with nappa, shrimp tempura, etc.), salad, maki, and self-serve vegetables (stir-fry tofu and cauliflower). Green tea is $2.00 – ouch! I have to say the dinner is very pricy, but they offer a very unique menu.

Olive Garden Italian Restaurant · White Marsh MD (01/09/2006) http://www.olivegarden.com
On one Saturday afternoon, we had a very nice lunch at this familiar Italian restaurant. A bowl of soup (Zuppa Toscana: Spicy sausage, russet potatoes and cavolo greens in a creamy broth $4.25) and a house salad ($4.75) will fill you up with complimentary garlic bread sticks. If the first bowl does not fill you up, go for a second or third one.

Oriental East Restaurant ·Silver Spring MD (01/01/2006) http://www.orientaleast.com/
After visiting Tai Shan and a nice long walk at the National zoo, we were hungry for some good dim sum. As usual for dim sum restaurants, we waited in a long line for an hour or maybe more before our table was finally ready. A wide variety of steamed, baked, and fried dishes came by on rolling carts, but we were disappointed from the lack of variety of steamed dishes like Ha Gow and Shu Mai. One plate of Chinese broccoli was $5… but it was VERY tender and good.

Wegman’s Market Café · Hunt Valley MD
My favorites are their muffins (cranberry-orange, blueberry, chocolate chip, etc) & danishes (cheese, apple, chocolate, etc.) $1.25 each – a little pricy but it’s worth it, and oh…. the pastries are so beautifully decorated and they are also delicious. The fun part is that you pick what you want from pizza to sushi, sit in the upstairs café, and enjoy the meal and the nice view of the café and its fragrant aromas.


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