Where the First Asian American Head Coach Happens

Originally posted at RiceDaddies.com.

If MetroDad is the resident baseball expert—with Soccer Dad reppin’…er…soccer—I guess that leaves me as the sole NBA enthusiast at Rice Daddies. (By the way, that Lakers-Celtics Finals everyone’s salivating for isn’t looking too good right about now.)

Anyway, today’s a big day for Rice Daddies with an affinity for professional basketball. As expected all season, Miami Heat head coach Pat Riley resigned yesterday after a disastrous 15-win season. Assistant coach Erik Spoelestra has been hired to replace Riley on the bench. (That’s him on the left, next to J-Will). Why is this significant to Rice Daddies? Well, Filipino American Spoelestra is the NBA’s first Asian American head coach. And, if I’m not mistaken, the first Asian American to lead a major professional team in any of the big four sports (NBA, NFL, MLB, or NHL). Interestingly, I don’t see this fact getting much play in the sports world.

Unfortunately, I don’t think this historic moment will allow me to actively cheer the Heat as long as they’re in the same division as the Wiz, unless of course, Miami is able to trade for Yao Ming or Yi Jianlian. That said, I still wish Coach Spo and the Heat well next season. Represent!


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