Jeff & Erin Are Cool, But Parry Did It Better

By now, I’m sure you’re aware of “Jeff and Erin’s EPIC Wedding” trailer i.e., the wedding invitation seen ’round the world. It came out a few weeks ago and quickly infected the rest of the internetz soon after.

If you haven’t heard of it, peep it below:

Pretty cool, no? But Jeff Wong ain’t the only Asian guy to profess his love for his woman in a slickly edited video for the world to see. In fact, the actor Parry Shen did it first almost a decade ago when he proposed to his future wife in a “deleted scene” from the groundbreaking Better Luck Tomorrow. But what does Parry think about Jeff & Erin’s Epic Wedding?

“[The video] is very cool,” said Parry. “And although it is technically superior in terms of production value… Jeff and Erin weren’t really in any of those films.”

Touche, Parry.

“Heck, my wife thought it was really a part of BLT and thought my character was proposing to Stephanie [the female lead in the movie]!”

I’d also like to add that Jeff & Erin’s EPIC Wedding doesn’t have A-list cameos by Sung Kang, Roger Fan, Jason Tobin, and Zooey Deschanel and isn’t directed by Justin Lin.

So Parry FTW!

PS, if you want to read more of my conversation with Parry, go to Pop Culture Shock and keep hitting “refresh” until you see the interview posted.


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